We are composed of Spinning, Dyeing workshop,Knitting Workshop and online retail store,
E-platform, financial investment and Import & Export business.
We focus on Wool yarn, Acrylic, Cotton, Bamboo, Silk and their blends which have been well sold at home and abroad such as United Kingdom , Germany, Denmark , Australia and USA etc.
When new friends decide to work with us ,they will soon understand us fully through our service ,free quality samples ,timely factory quotation and the bulk .The certification of competence that will be given is a double guarantee ,because it ensures the company for the ability of its new partner ,but also for you, that you have the certain wool knowledge necessary to succeed in our mutual business.
We are much honored to welcome all friends' inquiry and samples requirement ,and  we will very much look forward to further cooperation with our sincerity. 

Offering competitive prices are our responsibility to the customers

Creative yarns for a sweetie life

Enjoy Knitting,having a graceful home

Possess a colorful world with us :)